• Is “American Idiot” Green Day’s “Born to Run”?

    12th Oct 2019 by

    This won’t be a long post, I just wanted to put this idea forward that has been in my head for a few weeks now. I’ve been a casual fan of Green Day since before I knew who Bruce Springsteen was and, having just rediscovered their music after several years away, I have noticed some… Read more

  • How Bruce Springsteen Contextualised 9/11

    11th Sep 2019 by

    When the Twin Towers fell on the 11th of September 2001, I was only seven years old. As you can imagine, my young mind couldn’t grasp the horror and brutality of the act, nor its global impact and implications. I also live in England, so while I knew this was an atrocity, it felt a… Read more

  • My Interpretation: Backstreets

    7th Sep 2019 by

    “Backstreets” is one of my very favourite Springsteen songs and is found on the 1975 album Born to Run. It is a beautiful but heart-wrenching song about loss and I’m writing this to present to you how I see the story. I’m not suggesting for a minute that this really is the true meaning of… Read more

  • In Defense Of: Reno

    1st Sep 2019 by

    “Reno” is a controversial track found on the hugely underrated 2005 album Devils & Dust, and is responsible for acquiring Springsteen his only parental advisory warning label for explicit content. This is for good reason. The song is filled with sexually explicit imagery which has turned some fans off, since this is a side of… Read more

  • 7 Live Performances Better Than The Studio Recordings

    29th Aug 2019 by

    So, as someone who spends a great deal of their time watching Springsteen videos on YouTube (and thanks to Vevo for releasing so much lately!), I’ve seen my fair share of live performances. I’ve only managed to see Springsteen perform in the flesh three times, so the internet is an amazing way to try to… Read more

  • Worst to Best: Studio Albums

    25th Aug 2019 by

    I’ve read hundreds of lists like these over the years and thought it’s about time I did my own one. Some of these albums go up or down in my estimations fairly regularly but this is, broadly speaking, a good representation of how I feel about them. For this list, I have decided not to… Read more

  • In Defense Of: Mary, Queen of Arkansas

    21st Aug 2019 by

    There are a lot of Springsteen fanatics out there who, if you take issue with a particular song or album from The Boss’ catalogue, will proceed to rip off your limbs and tear out your eyes. While I will happily hold up my hands and admit that I like the vast majority of his recordings,… Read more

  • Album Review: Western Stars

    20th Aug 2019 by

    Bruce Springsteen’s nineteenth studio album Western Stars was released in June of 2019 to critical and commercial success. With the announcement of a cinema released documentary companion piece coming in October, I thought now would be a good time to share my feelings on the album. This is Western Stars. I think the first thing… Read more

  • An Introduction

    19th Aug 2019 by

    Thank you for taking the time to glance over this blog. The idea for this has been marinating in my mind for a long time and I did previously have a Springsteen blog that I wrote which covered my thoughts on each of his albums. As it turns out, I was much too young to… Read more

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